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So what if happiness is a warm McMansion?

KARL Marx bombed as a soothsayer. The workers’ revolution, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the grand victory of whatsit over the other thing … at the time of going to press, none looked imminent. In fact, instead of producing its own gravediggers, the bourgeoisie has just produced more and more of itself. 
The extent to which [...]

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What part of “you are a shambling capitalist skinbag” do you not understand?

AT the risk of kicking capitalism while it’s down, clearly the time has come for the Big C to reassess its rapaciousness beyond the esoteric realms of the international money markets.
Thanks to the media’s ever-increasing massness (not to mention the increasing affordability of the average item), capitalism’s obsession with always trying to sell everyone everything [...]

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