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Recreational nastiness sets internet freedom in flames

The internet is emerging as one of the big heroes of the pro-democracy, anti-despot movement in the Middle East. It’s regarded as being right up there with that courageous Muammar Gaddafi impersonator who has been suggesting absent members of the Libyan army are simply retreating to rest and relax.
Thanks to the cybersphere, Arabic members of generation [...]

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The etiquette of “after you” planet-saving

GREETINGS fellow climate change deniers/sceptics/believers-but-smelters-of-far-too-much-aluminium-to-admit-it. As you know, one of the best things about our position is the ease with which we can clear-fell our opponents.
When faced with shiny, happy hustles such as last weekend’s Hour of No Power, for example, it’s all too cinchy to accuse participants of self-righteous tokenism.
“Instead of sitting in the [...]

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So what if happiness is a warm McMansion?

KARL Marx bombed as a soothsayer. The workers’ revolution, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the grand victory of whatsit over the other thing … at the time of going to press, none looked imminent. In fact, instead of producing its own gravediggers, the bourgeoisie has just produced more and more of itself. 
The extent to which [...]

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The love that dare not vroom its name

I’M in a destructive relationship. I know it’s selfish and immoral and not doing anyone any good but I can’t help it. Every time I try to break it off, the thought of living without the object of my love and lust feels impossible.
So my oversized inner-city car stays right where she is in my [...]

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