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Taking alcohol

PERHAPS you’ve seen those alcohol education ads on telly that show consecutive generations of dads usingtheir young sons as beer monkeys at boozy barbecues.
They point out that parents who get on the piss tend to leave big, stubbie-shaped indents on the super-absorbent psyches of their sprogs (as well as highlighting that those 1970s porn-star moustaches [...]

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The Oasis an oasis from simplistic junkie stereotypes

IN government television campaigns, just saying no to drugs is a simple business, an easy decision made by well-fed, well-clothed young people who just want to have a good time.
“Hmmm. Friday night again. It’s tempting to try ice, but picking imaginary scabs in nightclub toilets doesn’t really go with my new flamingo zippered leggings (heroin [...]

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