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Are we getting nastier or is our nastiness simply getting more Google-able?

Like kitsch, schnauzer and – to a lesser extent – gemütlichkeit*, schadenfreude is one of those excitingly guttural expressions that has hitchhiked its way from Germany into English-speaking countries such as Australia.
The loanword is a combination of Schaden (harm) and freude (joy), and describes pleasure taken in other people’s misfortunes.
It’s a phenomenon which can be [...]

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Recreational nastiness sets internet freedom in flames

The internet is emerging as one of the big heroes of the pro-democracy, anti-despot movement in the Middle East. It’s regarded as being right up there with that courageous Muammar Gaddafi impersonator who has been suggesting absent members of the Libyan army are simply retreating to rest and relax.
Thanks to the cybersphere, Arabic members of generation [...]

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