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The pleasures of the electrophilic Alain de Botton

THE critics have not always been kind to British pop philosopher Alain de Botton. In one review, Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker performed the literary equivalent of a high school head flushing, calling de Botton a slapheaded ponce and an “absolute pair-of-aching-balls of a man” whose books were the toast of aspirational tosspots.
Brooker followed this with a [...]

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So what if happiness is a warm McMansion?

KARL Marx bombed as a soothsayer. The workers’ revolution, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the grand victory of whatsit over the other thing … at the time of going to press, none looked imminent. In fact, instead of producing its own gravediggers, the bourgeoisie has just produced more and more of itself. 
The extent to which [...]

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